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Digital Marketing

According to research and studies, more than 70 percent of consumers prefer knowing an organization through articles online as compared to through advertisements. We are proud of our team of experienced Digital PR experts. They are committed to offer the best organic endorsements to customers precisely based on the primary objectives of our patrons.

Digital Marketing

We as professionals are committed to establish close associations with online press on behalf of our revered clients with an aim to create an enthralling brand narrative. Our major focus is on pushing online presence of their brand to the right audience via targeting media titles that are industry-relevant. We also make sure these are high impact media titles that work for you. Our unique approach to Digital PR guarantees that customers are consistently heard, seen, and talked about.

Digital PR – What is It?

Digital Public Relations are a mixture of peer to peer recommendations through bloggers and glossy editorial features from industry and consumer titles with mammoth reach.

The Immense Benefits of Digital PR?

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy with Digital PR. Here are some of the best for your business:

Brand Awareness

This is a very important channel that facilitates building brand awareness for any business. Digital PR is more than just the last click which is precisely what a lot of Digital key performance indicators majorly emphasise on. Various other digital channels function according to an existing demand for a specific product or service. On the other hand, Digital PR works towards creating this demand.

Targetting Audience

Targetting Audience

This is a major a benefit of Digital PR. With over 400 million individuals using the World Wide Web on a daily basis in the India, Digital PR has achieved immense success in reaching a larger, relevant audience. The best part is that it goes on for a longer period of time.

Boosts Conversion Rate

Boosts Conversion Rate

Digital PR works towards enhancing brand search volumes. This is known to be the highest converting traffic. Additionally, it grows the much desired long tail of referrals. Since Digital PR is permanent, it holds immense capacity to drive traffic longer as compared to the traditional PR tactics.

SEO Advantages

seo advantages

The entire SEO strategy can be effectively underpinned and future proofed with the help of Digital PR. This is specifically crucial post recent modifications made in the Google algorithm. These changes have suppressed guest blogging and other black hat link building tactics.

Low Expenditure on Ad, High Impact

Digital PR is easily accessible to all brands. Since it is not connected to ad spend in specific publications, the organizations with the most creative tend to win as compared to those with deep pockets.

Brand Engagement

Did you know digital PR enhances social sharing and its overall effect. It also creates offline word of mouth. Digital PR facilitates instant feedback from consumers.

Customer Acquisition

Digital channel is simply amazing for a new customer acquisition. Reason? Well, this is because ezines and bloggers are highly influential. Additionally, digital PR will also minimize CPA (cost per action) for your organization.

Online Reputation Management

Digital PR facilitates raising the profile of a brand. It also effectively gets them in the forefront of major influential figures.

Better ROI (Return on Investment)

Last but not the least, Digital PR is more instant. It also holds a direct link to ROI.

Our Esteemed Digital PR Clients

We service brands in a wide range of industries. As experts, we have gained niche expertise and experience in a variety of industries through the years. Right from technology to the fashion industry, pharmaceuticals, media, health, food and many others, we have earned excellent reputation as specialists. We undertake immense pleasure in claiming ourselves as an award-winning PR agency at all levels.

The Smanik Design Approach

Extensive experience in the industry and knowledge gathered through years of practise with SEO and PR tactics, we are capable of crafting bespoke strategies relevant to end goals of clients. We also take into account their expectations at all levels. These painstakingly built Digital PR strategies can easily stand alone or be integrated into any overarching campaign.

Our team comprises of Digital experts committed to invent and discover the best fit for our esteemed patron client. As professionals, we undertake extreme pride in our proven practises. Pigeonholing bloggers, brands or publications is not our principle. We believe that appropriate and effective coverage for a brand can be achieved through an international approach. Our experts will target influential members of the digital sphere. So in a nutshell, we focus on ezine editors, bloggers and other specialists of the era.

The team of digital enthusiasts working for us boasts a number of experienced PRs holding a wealth of knowledge covering a host of industries. These range from technology to Fashion, PR, and pharmaceuticals. The team has produced several case studies depicting measurable results of our journey and success story in the field of Digital PR.

The Role of Digital PR Fits in Integrated Marketing Strategy

Digital PR is different from the old outdated SEO tactics. Digital PR will never be caught out by Google update. In fact, the more your website and brand is referred to in famous reputable blogs as well as online press, more the chances of your site of climbing up the ranks.

Digital PR also works simultaneously with an overarching campaign. The combination will effectively complement your strategies associated with SEO, social media, blog content strategies. Additionally, it will prove quite effective for your marketing calendar.

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