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E-Mail Marketing Services

Why Email Marketing? Well, it is affordable, highly effective, and electrifying. At SManik Design, we believe that email marketing is a dynamic source of business marketing online with an incredible capacity to attract success. Over 95% of our customers have agreed on immense success and eminence their business gained through email marketing campaigns.

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SManik Design offers professional assistance for developing an effective strategy and a database. We will also help brand your emails, and organize your sends.

Here’s why we recommend email marketing to our clients:

  • Cheap and deploys at lightning speed (saves considerable amount of time and money)
  • Extend your brand effectively (reaches out to your targeted audience)
  • Extends company offerings (your existing and potential clients are happy and satisfied)
  • Stay engaged with your clients (personal touch and helping hand keep your clients happy)
  • Keep a track of your client’s interests (you get to know what your prospective and existing clients are looking for)

SManik Design provides email marketing services encompassing the following:

bulk email marketing services
  • Database development
  • Email templates
  • Mass email sends
  • Email reporting

Email marketing is certainly a wonderful way to extend a business’ online presence and create an impact. The process helps sending people the right message at the right time. With right email marketing campaigns, it is possible to deliver targeted offerings to subscribers who would be interested in products and services sold by your company.

It is affordable and helps you to stay in touch with your existing customers and reach out to a targeted audience. The campaign is also extremely effective in driving potential traffic to your website.  SManik Design is here to setup and schedule the best and effective email marketing campaign for your business.

At SManik Design, we offer the following email marketing services to our clients:

  • Design well branded email templates
  • Build a detailed database of recipients
  • Collaborate on content topics and copy editing
  • Send emails through our partner software
  • Keep a close track of user behavior (opens, reads, clicks)

How to Get Started

To start off with an effective email marketing campaign, all you need to do is reach us by phone or mail us your requirements. We will provide you with apt tools and techniques and help initiate the campaign.

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