11/20 2015

Google Shopping – Crucial Updates to get Acquainted with this Festive Season

The holiday season is almost here! This is precisely the time when people go out of their way, stretch their budget a little and love to spend more. Google has plans already to tap into this opportunity. No wonder it has introduced many exciting additions to Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads (PLA). These enhancements have been made in anticipation of the shopping craze among people during Christmas and new year. Google has tried really hard to facilitate a streamlined and pleasure filled experience to shoppers over the past few months.

Listed below are some of the major enhancements users should get acquainted with prior to seeking benefits from the Google Shopping facility:

The Report – Shopping Assortment

The primary motive of this latest report is to facilitate shoppers identify all of the popular products that may go missing from their feed. It even identifies those they don’t sell. Additionally, the report allows ample opportunity for discovering points comprising of high demands among consumer that may be tapped into across an exciting list of the ‘top 100 items’.

All one needs to do is filter this report into category to explore products that promises relevance to business. Product price points are also offered by this report for added insight. This helps business owners stay ahead of their competition and enjoy an edge over them.

The report also has a look back window. It helps you enjoy a look back of around two weeks. The retailers can easily track all of the changing holiday activities of consumers combined with their shopping habits all through the season.

Promotional Text? Rest in Peace!

Google finally bide adieu to the promotional line of text at the end of September. These texts were easily seen on various Product Listing Ads. Retailers used to exploit the optional message so as to call out offers including free shipping, handling charges, various sale pricing etc. These will be replaced with an automated extension. Merchants can pull it for their use. Additionally, other shopping extensions can be utilized for different callouts such as the following:

  • Merchant promotions – This helps with sharing discounts
  • Product ratings – This facilitates highlighting various ratings and review
  • Trusted stores – This displays certification and authentication of a specific store

This new transformation signifies reduced need for manual customization. It also throws highlight on significance of feed optimization.

Local Inventory

Ads for local inventory are supposed to highlight details of both store and products. These include price, availability, info on shop etc. The information is given to all of the nearby consumers with an aim to attract them to offline stores (brick-and-mortar) and enhance sales. When it comes to searches encircling local intent (such as use of ‘near me’), Google will give priority to these ads to facilitate shoppers benefit from a well customized ad delivered as and when it is required.

On the other hand, retailers on desktop are blessed with an option to display ‘store-only’ products. This could come in handy particularly during the holidays if stock runs out online or if shipping dates pass and last minute shoppers need gifts.

Adverts Store Only

The brand new enhancement produces detailed view of expanded product on mobile devices. This means when consumer swipes over the advert to open up requisite info and inventory, the detailed view is displayed. The best thing about this feature is that it allows shoppers to view all of the needed info while making purchases (online or offline). This is possible despite the restricted amount of space on mobile devices.

Advertisers need to make attempts towards keeping pace with the recent updates. This is crucial to squeeze out maximum profits from the Google Shopping concept. The new trend is really catching up and one needs to take advantage out of this continued dynamic drive of advertising spend. Consumers are most likely to spend more this holiday season. Hence, focus on following the trend will attract profits.

It is not wise to treat PLAs as just an ordinary advertisement source. The ‘set it and forget it’ ritual will not work especially during festive season. With Christmas approaching, marketers can expect increased traffic and a lot of competition. Hence, it is wise to focus of uninterrupted assessment of opportunities and optimization of programs across the latest Google Shopping trend and much more!

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