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LightCMS Web Development

There are several reasons we at SManik Design prefer using LightCMS. Right from saving invaluable time to integrate highly advanced features, LightCMS does it all for you. It is a complete web CMS system that’s user friendly too. The revolutionary CMS Platform will offer you the best of features without making things really complex. The incredible CMS software allows you to build an incredible website with facility to integrate an awesome design, super fantastic features, and even an online store.

The LightCMS website designed by us is compatible and looks great on almost all devices. It encompasses a wide range of CMS website designs that automatically become accustomed to look fabulous on devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. Users can easily customize the designs using our professional editing system.

SManik Design has a team of professionals who can develop custom website masterpieces using CSS, Javascript standards, HTML, and CSS. We love this platform because it is different from other CMS platforms. It helps audience browse website without any hassles. It is also possible to add and edit pages as and when required.

LightCMS Design Packages

LightCMS will offer all that is required by advanced CMS website requirements such as forms, blogs, calendars, photo galleries, media, file management, and a lot more. With this CMS platform, it is possible for businesses to create and maintain a fully functional online store. Our professionals will help you do it all.

LightCMS comes equipped with wonderful marketing features to help boost website traffic. You would be benefited from a set of dynamic CMS software tools specifically designed to get targeted traffic deserved by your business website. Our specialists will ensure unparalleled stability and support to your website.

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