07/09 2014

20 Dynamic Shopping Websites| Highly Responsive Magento Themes

Shopping website themes are important for any online store and a highly successful e-commerce site. These themes can be easily integrated to any website to boost its overall look and functionality. The themes are integrated with some incredibly powerful features to make a website extremely famous among its users.

Listed below are 20 highly responsive Magento Shopping website themes you can use for your site to draw customers and enjoy grand success for your online business:

1. Innova


Innova is an incredibly responsive multipurpose Magento theme. It is entirely customizable and appropriate for almost all types of Magento store on a huge range of devices including smart phones and tablets. It can also be customized as full width or fixed width layout.

2. Ves Super Store

Ves Super Store

Venus SuperStore is a highly responsive Magento Template appropriate for almost all types of Gift Shop, Hightech Store, Electronics shop and a huge variety of marketplace business that demands a feature rich and striking existence online. The theme is created on venus framework version 2.0 and bootstrap version 3.0. This makes it 100% responsive and compatible to all resolutions and devices such as tablet, mobile phones, and desktop (medium and large screen). Driven by framework the theme supports users a huge number of great tools to customize theme through use of Auto loading custom, css files Live Theme Editor for creating unlimited of theme profiles sans going through the hassles of coding. This is extremely easy and simple. The fantastic Magento Template comes equipped with four skin colors, a wonderful Layer Slideshow Module with Google Fonts, Animation JQuery Effect, and Power Megamneu Module. It also has a superb design Make Mega Column Tool and a huge number of modules.

3. Ves Milk Store

Ves Milk Store

The theme is available with cyan, salmon, yellow to reflect your remarkable products and their grandeur. Excellent combination of colors, textures, and coherent collection makes any website more graceful, glamorous, lush and eye-catching. Ves Milk is an ideal choice for Milk Store, Baby Store, Computer Store, Freshmarket Store, Shoes Store, Clothes Store, etc.

The best part is that Ves Milk is a highly innovative Magento Template. This will make for ideal choice for launching a business or eCommerce website. The theme is known to be one of the most wonderful Magento template built on venus framework version 2.0 and bootstrap version 3.0. This helps Ves Milk to serve as a highly responsive theme that works just right on all types of resolutions including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops with medium and large screen.

Since the theme is framework powered, it supports an extensive range of tools to customize theme via using , Auto loading custom css files and Live Theme Editor to support you come up with unlimited number of theme profiles sans going through the hassles of code.

4. Ves Towner

Ves Towner

This is a striking young theme that allows room for user’s creativity in pure pink, green, and yellow, etc. These are a perfect way to reflect your remarkable products. The super cool combo of colors, textures, and reasonable setup makes any website look stylish, lush, and pleasing to eye. This beautiful theme is an ideal choice for those dealing in footwear, clothes, fashion items, and bags. With this brilliant theme concept, establishing a business or a highly successful eCommerce website is a cakewalk.

Built on venus framework version 2.0 and bootstrap version 3.0, Ves Towner Store is one of grandest Magento template that works just as the doctor ordered on all kind of resolutions including mobile phones, tablet, and desktops with medium and large screen. The framework powered theme supports you scores of enormous tools to customize theme through Live Theme Editor, and Auto loading custom css files. This way, you can create infinite of theme profiles sans going through the hassles of complicated coding.

5. Ves Bigshop

Ves Bigshop

Ves Bigshop Store is a highly responsive and stylish Magento Theme. It is implemented responsive design to ensure automatic adjustment of pages available screens size. The clean and modern design facilitates usage of the theme for all types of online shop including Mobile shop, Fashion Shop, Digital store, Computer store, and a lot more.

The layout for theme is very bright and strict which makes for a proper effect on customer. Template design brings out the refined style of goods sold. It is available in 3 wonderful themes color and flexible layout. It also supports Mega Menu.

The VesTheme Control Module allows you for easy control over Template Width, Template Direction, Changing Theme, via updating few configuration sans facing hassles for complicated hacking and customizing of code.

6. Shopday


Shopday Magento Template is a unique shopping theme specifically designed for women. It also makes for an ideal choice for cosmetic, clothes, fashion designer, and shoes stores. The template looks extremely attractive with its superb color combination. All sub pages are tailored to user specifications. The template carries an extremely nice and highly professional look.

7. Vista


Vista is a pristine first-rate responsive Magento theme that is highly customizable and appropriate for all types of Magento store on all devices. Vista Magento theme is ideal for all types of creative stores to help you display products, pictures, art, and a huge number of inspiring content. The design is effortless and clean with a lot of white space which indicates that your content and products are in focus in a fashionable way.

Vista is precisely integrated with super fabulous features and options including responsive design making the theme acclimatize and scale to appear ideal on all devices. It includes a variety of custom styles, theme options panel, ready for translation, and a lot more. This responsive theme is a multipurpose responsive theme that can be highly customized and personalized for any heavy Magento store.

It comes equipped with Automatic Screen Size Adjustment feature to automatically adapt to the screen size of a device being used sans any distortion of any of the theme elements. A Complete & Comprehensive Theme comes with all that you would wish to have in a powerful Magento theme. With this theme, you can easily create your own flavor of detail page. It has a simple way to configure the way in which product detail page look and what they have on them. The color configuration feature comes with an instant color configuration that you can make use of to change or modify color of your theme.

Manufacturers Logos is a powerful feature that allows for a dynamic and fully customizable logo slider that you can enable as per your requirements.

8. Ves Digital Store

Ves Digital Store

Ves Digital Store is highly responsive and elegant Magento Theme. This has been implemented as responsive design to ensure automatically adjustment of pages to the screens size. The clean and modern design facilitates best use of the theme for all types of online shops including Mobile shop, Digital store, Computer store, and many more.

The layout is very attractive and strict to ensure just the right impact on customer. Template design emphasizes the refined style of goods sold. It is available in 3 remarkable themes color and flexible layout. The Mega Menu is Supported.

With VesTheme Control Module, you can easily control Template Width, Template Direction, and Changing Theme via updating few configurations sans hacking and customizing code.

9. Orion


Orion is a premium magento theme built specifically for your eCommerce business. The product of Plazathemes owns all prerequisites for a stylish store to set out your products and business success with highly structured layout and most dynamic features. This one is the latest design from the incredible collections of Plazathemes. It is a wonderful choice for those looking forward to sell a wide variety of goods including electronics, fashion, clothes, sport equipments, books, watches, sportwear, medical equipments, gifts, and a lot more.

Apart from possessing an immensely attractive design, the theme heavily impresses users by its awesome features and functions. The Custom menu in header has blocks. Each of these blocks contains one extension.

All stores block contains category top extension. The new arrivals block comprises of new products slider extension. The hot sale block has been integrated with onsale products slider extension. For fashion trend, the theme comes equipped with a nice image and information. The about us and popular items are links.

Vmegamenu extension is available with a huge number of columns with large information and nice image. Category tabs slider, category tabs demonstrate categories and products in each category sensibly and brilliantly. Static blocks with attractive images and a lot of information alternating between extensions make this theme more pleasant and nicer.

Moreover, Orion theme makes use of a number of extensions to make customers visit and buy products most easily. Some of these extensions include:

Layered navigation ajax
Ajax cart super
Related slider
Upsell slider
Brand slider

10. Shine


Shine is a highly responsive multipurpose Magento theme. It is highly customizable and appropriate for all types of Magento stores on virtually any device. This responsive theme can also be defined as a general purpose responsive theme. It can be easily highly customized and tailored for all heavy Magento stores.

The responsive design of this theme has been tested for 100% responsiveness and perfect display on all types of devices including modern day smart phones and tablets.

11. Pisces


In case, you deal with products related to sports toys, flowers and furniture and accessories, then this is just what the doctor ordered for you. It helps you boost number of customers you have.

The Pisces magento theme is a multistore theme with 4 stores support:


Each store integrated into the theme has its own unique beauty. The sport store is impressive with its super strong colors and layout. Flowers store is intense with multihued product images. Furniture store and toys store has layout has similar layouts to flowers store.

You would simply love the super cute large banners with eye catching text transition effect. Typography of this template is also amiable. Fonts generate an upright ambiance. The items supplied with all details essential for the purchase. Moreover, it has css3 effect with striking images and stationary blocks.

Slider and banners advertise the best of products. Pisces makes use of a number of extensions such as the new products slider, new products, onsale products slider, featured products slider, bestseller product vertical scroller, and much more. Reliable brand logo split content area from footer. The Mega menu comes with a drop down option. The social icons are situated in the footer.

12. Awesome


Just as the name suggests, Awesome is a highly responsive multipurpose Magento theme that is fully customizable and appropriate for almost all types of Magento stores on any device. This responsive theme is a general purpose responsive theme. The best part is that the theme can be easily and impressively customized and tailored for any heavy Magento store.

13. EM Chaussure

EM Chaussure

EM Chaussue is a brand new creation from EM Themes that allows for incredible flexibility. It is a high-end shopping cart solution suitable with a variety of business. Right from fashion to beauty and digital devices, the theme supports all. Basic designs for the theme are available in a lot of colors to choose from. You can even modify template color to any color you desire via using Variation Settings.

It is possible to self-customize arrangement of website using EM Framework which helps you to re-arrange blocks in no time via “drag & drop” feature. This process is super easy, fast, and very flexible. This feature is supported in other impressive extension and Drag and Drop Mega Menu Builder. It gets the most out of levels and columns and helps store owners to add image, links, and more content into main menu.

14. SM Zen

SM Zen

Highly compatible with Magento CE:,,,,,,, the responsive multi store theme by Magento inspires users and buyers with its black and white basic colors that strike a dynamic impression for anyone at first fleeting look. The super neat and clean theme with flat design and precise typography fits just perfect for a huge types of stores such as those dealing in camera, watches, fashion items, shoes etc.

15. Bag Shop

Bag Shop

The beautiful and highly responsive template is dedicated for stores dealing in bags, shoes, and clothes. It comes integrated with some superb free extensions and customization facilities for users and shows exceptional compatibility with Magento,, 1.9.0.x.

Some of the best features of the template include FREE Lifetime Updates, FREE On-Going Support, fully responsive theme, compatibility with Google Fonts, HTML5 and CSS3 support, Multiple Language support, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, Smart Responsive Product Grid, Fast Loading optimization and CSS Sprite, Flex Slider Integration, Cloud Zoom Integration, unlimited banners, latest products module, featured products module, bestseller products module, easy shopping cart dropdown from header, next/previous product navigation, manufactured/brand logo and slider, CMS Blocks, advanced mega menu integration, custom tab on product detail page, valid XHTML and CSS markup, supply of PSD files, compatibility with all major browsers, and availability of full user guide documentation to facilitate users install and use the theme.

Overall, the theme is easy to use and easy to customize.

16. Mega Shop

Mega Shop

This is a fabulous theme specifically designed for electronics, home accessories, computers, fashion and precisely to match any type of store. Mega Shop Magento Theme absolutely beautiful with its striking colors combination. The sub pages for the theme are customized. Users will find it extremely useful with its perfectly clean and highly professional appearance.

Mega Shop is highly compatible with Magento,, 1.9.0.x and features incredible elements such as FREE Lifetime Updates, FREE On-Going Support, support for Google Fonts, compatibility with HTML5 and CSS3, support for Multiple Language, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, highly optimized for Fast Loading + CSS Sprite, smart responsive product grid, flex slider integration, unlimited banners and sliders, options for Featured Products Module, Bestseller Products Module, Latest Products Module, Manufactured/Brand Logo and Slider, Cloud Zoom Integration, Easy Shopping Cart Dropdown from header, Advanced Mega Menu Integration, huge number of CMS Blocks, Next/Previous product navigation, valid XHTML and CSS markup, custom Tab for product detail page, well-structured and commented code for easy customization, and a full user guide documentation to help users install and use the theme.

17. Gala RainBow

Gala RainBow

As the name suggests, the theme has been inspired from the beautiful refreshing colorful rainbow after the rain. Despite being colorful, the theme doesn’t make the store lose out on the sophistication and subtle glamour. Gala RainBow comes equipped with a multi-layered slideshow to improve visual effect, gain a more efficient promotional tool, and highlight vital content.

It is possible to change colors as often as you like as per your store requirements through Variation Settings. There are unlimited color options to choose from and a variety of textures make skin just as you want it to be. Sorting content has never been easy. The Innovative Mega Menu helps you sort all content into valid categories, and sub-categories to help visitors follow and find easily.

The Drag and Drop Mega Menu Builder integrates an impressive feel to the theme with aptitude to add many levels and columns, or add links. Images and clips can also be added. The Responsive Web Design tool saves time, website building cost, and allows customers to surf on any device anywhere.

18. LookLike


The amazing theme comes with versions for OpenCart, Magento and WordPress. The most attractive of all features include Powerful admin panel, Blog, and Unlimited colors! LookLike is a first-rate enormously powerful universal versatile 100% mega responsive Magento theme. This is perfectly suitable for all types of stores.

It comes integrated with a built-in Blog module combined with contemporary flat design, built-in responsive slider, and dominant advanced backend. The admin panel of this theme comes equipped with effortless navigation and tons of attractive configuration options that facilitates you to change anything you want in theme. It is possible to control colors of theme elements. You can choose from over 500 amazing fonts and apply over 300 pattern backgrounds.

19. JM Bookshop

JM Bookshop

This is Magento’s first theme devoted for online bookstores. It is highly compatible Magento 1.7 as well as the latest Magento 1.8 version. One fleeting look at the theme and you will come to know that it presents the trending flat design complete with a highly professional block layout.

20. Simple


Being last on our list doesn’t make it any less responsive and amazing! The based on my OpenCart, the theme comes equipped with some real fantastic features to look forward to including Live PreviewScreenshots. It is extremely easy to work with and has been integrated with admin options to ensure perfect setup of a website within minutes. It loads real fast and can be used for all types businesses online. The main features of Simple theme include option for displaying either Latest/Featured products on the homepage, display both blocks on the homepage right through the admin area, slideshow options, and upload images from the admin. It is easy to configure slideshow animation, set auto slide to on/off, and add links on this theme.

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