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Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are the need of the day. A huge section of the population in India and abroad is spending their valuable time using mobile apps daily. The new age development has made it impossible to ignore the significance of mobile applications.

Usage of modern day mobile applications ranges from optimized mobile versions of mobile front-ends for web applications, eCommerce storefronts, a super advanced set of tools for tablet devices. SManik Design holds years of experience and proficiency in developing mobile apps for iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones and iPads. We also develop apps for handheld and tablet devices powered by Android.

Mobile applications demand major emphasis on design and user-experience. The design process involves a unique set of requirements encompassing touch-friendly displays for users, special elements for enhanced user-interface, multiple screen orientations, animated transitions, and a lot more. Additionally, each operating system comprises of exclusive design practices that need to be adhered to.

When it comes to mobile application development, you can choose distinct native applications for each operating system. There is also an option for using cross-platform development software such as Xamarin. The software saves you a lot of time in development. In connection with the web application backend, we use an API or build a web services layer.

Exploration is what it takes to initiate a mobile application project at Smanik Design. Here, we take brief on a client’s project based on their demands, specific business goals, budget, and time frames. Our team defines the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for a start up business following the Lean Startup principles. The primary goal of an MVP is to reduce the time and overall cost to get your application live. The MVP is a simplified version of the end product of client utilised to validate the concept and iterate the scheme based on real user feedback.

Once we are through with the exploration phase, the team of strategists and designers work together to help the brand come alive. Thereafter, it is time for project development. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled mobile developers who work with clients to create designs and other requisite elements to be integrated into a functional application. The app is tested and scrutinised for performance and allowed to download and installation process. The app is tested on client device for accuracy. Upon approval, we will submit the app to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Once the app goes live, our team will work with you closely and provide maintenance services, help keep the app secure, keep tabs on user feedback loops, and offer development iterations for the app.

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