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Mobile Ready Website

According to a research, it has been revealed that about 40 per cent of all Internet browsing is done from a mobile communication device. Hence, it is crucial for website owners go for a Responsive Web Design. This design needs to be highly compatible with mobile phones and a cost effective website design solution.

A lot of business owners are now looking forward to have a mobile website design. At SManik Design, we believe that a Responsive Web Design helps business serve website content simply from a single URL. It also saves a lot of money, boosts user experience, and ensures better conversion rates.

SManik Design offers Responsive Web Designs according to client’s specifications.  These designs are a type of web programming approach to develop websites that provide an optimal viewing user experience irrespective of the device serving it.

With us, you can get one website that can be viewed well on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.  This means we build a platform that resizes images, effectively stacks contents, and consolidates navigations. Our responsive website solutions are highly affordable, and advanced to help your clients enjoy optimal viewing on all devices. The cutting edge technology we use for Responsive Websites help them run from a single CMS. Hence, the content can be published once to ensure efficient management of solutions offered.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Aside from affordability and ease of management, there is a huge number of benefits a business can get from a Responsive Web Design.

Flawless User Experience

At SManik, we believe that a Responsive Web Design helps with an optimal viewing experience. Since most modern day users prefer mobile phones for browsing the net, it is not wise to ignore the importance of offering a unique user experience comprising of intuitive browsing, purchasing, and data entry.

Benefits of SEO and PPC

Responsive Web Designs are a hot favourite with Google.  Some of the best ways to enhance ranking is to minimise load time and use one URL.  Proficiency of mobile websites to offer landing pages and PPC campaign management is also boosted.

Simplified Reporting and Analytics

Use of a single URL will help your company employ a single set of analytics to scrutinize behaviour of users and even run reports on the website performance.  Measuring conversion rates are easier through consolidated reporting. It also helps you evaluate successes and certain areas that demand improvement.

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