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Making of a Successful Non-Profit Website

A non profit website is different from any regular website in many respects. Majorly, the aim of a non profit site distinguishes it from others running on the World Wide Web. So, when it comes to turning it into a huge success, a lot needs to be taken into considerations. Here are some crucial elements to keep in mind when designing one to guarantee its success:

Transformation of Visitors

Here, we are talking about turning visitors into advocates or ambassadors for an organisation’s cause. This is quite an important element of a non profit website.

User Friendly Navigation

The navigation needs to be user friendly and answers provided to basic queries especially those related to the organisation needs to be crystal clear.

Social Media

Use of social media integration will help. It facilitates spreading word of mouth influence. Prudent usage of social media integration along with calls to action on a non profit website is a known to be a wonderful opportunity to acquire decent number of organic support and followers (backbone of any non profit website). The social buttons on the website are visible clearly to help audiences get influenced by the site. Social media works for a fantastic way to spread the word related to a non-profit organisation among audiences especially those inaccessible through conventional forms of Public Relations techniques such as press releases.

Useful Content

The major emphasis should be paid on integrating helpful content that audiences can easily post on Facebook pages, Pin,Tweet, or share with others. This is crucial to help followers enjoy the opportunity to promote/ sponsor/ campaign on the organisation’s behalf or even promote ideas and share content through their favourite social media channels.

Stimulating Content

Undoubtedly, the website should be integrated with some powerful pictures and videos that appeals to emotions of an audience. These should be supported by text that states the story of non-profit company seriously. One stunning picture, a moving video, and relevant text with loads and loads of information sharing organisation’s message will do the job.

The content should be updated as far as possible (on a regular basis). Other important elements include click through rates for content in dedicated sliders, easy-to-read infographics, and a lot more.

Call to Action

  • Some of the most important elements of a non profit website include:
  • User friendly navigation
  • Ease of learning more about organisation’s cause
  • Stay updated with current issues
  • Inspiring audiences to donate their money

A successful non profit organisation website should be integrated with a super effective and clearly defined user pathway to conversion goal. The website should be monitored and screened on a regular basis. This helps evaluate the precise reason behind cut down on donation rates. Knowing what part of conversion process discourages targeted audience to donate. Some of the most important things to keep in mind include a clearly marked donation button which instantly grabs attention of audiences. Allowing this button to scroll will enhance its visibility. Most importantly, one must understand that visitors to a non profit website hold extremely different from those to ecommerce sites. The call to action must clearly elucidate audiences how big a difference donation can make to an organization. It should also help donors know what their contributions will be used for.

Immensely Responsive Design

Nothing can beat the significance of a thought provoking design for non-profit website. An attractive website definitely attracts target audiences and makes them feel good. It helps them feel a direct connection with the site. A responsive design is specifically relatable to non-profits as it allows the organisation to target active people connecting to the World Wide Web through mobile phones or tablets. Most of them are usually connected to a non-profit sector and definitely the best people to spread the word about organisation’s cause.

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