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12/21 2015

10 Bad Link-Building Habits You Must Know About

Bad link building habits are not uncommon. A lot of people including website owners and professionals are a victim to these habits. However, the problem starts when you repeat these despite knowing about them. Here is a list of 10 disastrous link building habits most people have. Know them and win over them!


1. Contact without Vetting

Contacting and trying to impress clients without a thorough check-up and analysis of website is a complete no-no. For instance, you send an email to a webmaster and get instant positive response. But the website is truly not ready! The content is not up to the mark and posts look paid. This is a waste of time and energy.

2. Not Going through Advertising Info Page

Most websites have a list of dos and don’ts. A page is dedicated to these rules. So in case, the rule says – NO TEXT LINKS, they won’t do it. Period. Similarly, if a website believes in going for site wide links, don’t expect them to oblige you with one in a specific article.

3. No Follow Up

Well, this doesn’t mean you need to piss your clients off. Instead of bugging the daylights out of them, simply follow up in a decent way. Remember that there are people who will not respond to you for the first time. They always go for the second or third. Here, you need to send nice follow up emails to prospective clients. Research proves that around 20 percent of links see the light of day due to dedicated follow ups by webmasters. Restrict these follow up mails to around 3-4 in number.

4. Ignoring Relevance

This may be due to lack of understanding of link building techniques. Individuals have different parameters for relevance. No wonder only professionals can nail it.

5. Not Knowing the Audience

Do you really know who you are talking to? Most times, one can easily find out that the email of goes to the owner of site. Hence, sending an email to that specific address asking if the owner of the site can do some favours you want is ridiculous. You must do a little research on who you are talking to first. Not knowing the person you are talking to will only annoy the reader.

6. No Idea about Deadlines – FTC and Google

You must know them and follow them. There is no way out. A lot of info is available on the same. So make sure you know them and adhere to them. This will help you avoid causing potential harm to some one’s site.

7. Relying ONLY on Metrics

It is certainly a matter of pride to get a link on a website with a Domain 60 Authority. However, do you really want to see link for your weight loss supplement client on a website selling designer bags? To be precise, a website discussing healthy diet, recipes, and exercises will make for a better choice. Too much trust only on metrics is not good.

8. Not Obeying Webmasters

Of course, as a link builder, you know what is right. You are armed with the best knowledge for the same. However, webmasters know better. They are professionals and know their readers better. Webmasters know precisely what will be appreciated and what will be criticised. So when they tell you that your content sounds good but the resource is already available on their website, simply request them for another resource. Pestering and forcing things upon them won’t work for you. The key is to listen to the webmasters and stop assuming that you know better.

9. Pushing Too Far

Pushing a webmaster to link if he/she isn’t convinced or feeling uncomfortable may lead to disasters. Strictly avoid pushing them to do what you want. Allow them to assess and do what is right.

10. Weak Outreach

Getting bombarded with emails is one of the worst nightmares. These need to get deleted to avoid bouncing of mails in future. As a business owner, you fail when your potential customer delete mails without reading it properly. This clearly indicates that you didn’t do proper research. Also this means you have been targeting wrong. So it is time to know who precisely you are talking to and targeting. Focus on being very clear and sound interesting when opening.

Dump Those Disastrous Habits NOW!

Don’t worry. These bad habits are easy to break. You can do it in a jiffy. All you need to do is avoid taking in a lot of pressure and giving pressure to professional link builders. Only trained and highly experienced professionals can handle the job efficiently. They know better. So leave them alone and allow them to do the job just the way they feel.

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