11/17 2015

10 Fab Tips to Employ Result Oriented SEO Copywriting

SEO and Copywriting are two crucial and dynamic fields in the world of internet and online marketing. SEO knows how to keep search engines happy whereas copywriting provides the best of information to readers and inspires them to visit the page again and again.

The present age is focused on stringent rules to follow before pleasing search engines. This in turn, gives readers what they have been looking for. SEO is an art one needs to master at. When employed the right way, it boosts website content and attract search engine crawlers to outrank competition websites. Copywriting too is an art of content creation that inspires audiences to act (buy, click on a link, subscribe to mail lists etc). You strike gold when SEO works in sync with Copy writing.

Here are 10 amazing tips to help you employ effective SEO Copywriting:

1. The Right Title Really Works!

Titles are widely renowned as the most crucial element of copywriting. Two main factors come into role play here:

The first one is Reader Attention. Make sure the title works towards grabbing one’s attention sans wasting time. So make sure you think like your intended reader before writing a title. At last, just think if it inspires you to click.

The second is keywords. Your title should be SEO friendly. In order to make it one, simply focus on adding at least one keyword. Also make sure that this integration does not make your title less impressive to readers attention. Use of a simple combination of both title and subtitle is quite effective. It helps readers as well as search engines get best info related to a topic on a post.

2. Matter – Only Relevance Works!

If you know your audience, you’ve struck gold! So make sure who are talking to and what they have been looking for. This will help you to come up with some trending topics and impress your potential customers. It is crucial to think outside the box and come up with an impressive hard to resist topic matter. The message you put forward should be about readers. You may narrate them a story, try solving their problems, inspire them, comfort them etc.

3. Enhance Consumption with Leverage Formatting

This job is not just confined to graphic designers. You need to have a look at the appearance of content. It should be interesting enough to inspire the readers to stay on for a long time. Most people just have to give one look to a page to determine whether or not someone will read it. So make sure you allow your format to invite more number of readers in. Here are some of the best things to do in this regard:

Make White Space – This is a huge hot among people these days. The white space allow readers ample room to breathe.

Short Paragraphs – Short paragraphs don’t allow readers to get bored. These connect with readers better. Additionally, smaller blocks of information are easier to understand as compared to the large ones that never seem to come to an end. The shorter the content, more inviting it is.

Bullet – This is one of the best ways to make your content interesting, readable, inviting, and complementing. Bulleted lists are known to be a wonderful way to highlight list-type items. So instead of adding only bulleted lists, simply make them an integral part of your content.

Subheads – Most of the winning content online have subheadings. These facilitate better organization of your content. Readers and navigate through your content easily. The subheadings may contain best things like pros, cons, or synopsis of a specific paragraph.

There’s no need to keep the whole of the content short. All you need to do is categorise it into several shorter sections. If long content is needed, simply avoid adding fluff.

4. Use of Topic Specific Trade Keywords

This was once deemed as the best friends of SEO. However, things have changed a lot these days. Today, keywords have turned into the biggest enemies to SEO family. Although there are valid reasons for that, it is not completely right. Definitely, keywords matter as far as they are completely relevant to the topic. These should also contribute to the natural delivery of a page’s message. Additionally, keywords are still considered as one among two hundred ranking factors. Hence, it is crucial to consider them very important.

As soon as you start focusing on your writing efforts and include dedicated efforts on writing what really matters, the keywords start entering the prescribed arena naturally. In most cases, these appear as long-tail keywords providing the best information related to your content. The best thing to do is make sure you get primary keyword in headline combined with targeted secondary keyword(s) in your content introduction and conclusion.

In case, you are worried about keyword density going very high, despite writing naturally, there are a plethora of SEO tools that help with keeping your keywords in check.

5. Intention Links

Links and keywords have always been known for their link to black hat SEO. However, this is not true. Just because some of the links and keywords have been used for black hat SEO tasks, this doesn’t mean all of these are bad. In fact, it is crucial to understand that it was misuse of these elements that made them bad.

So what is the apt use of links? Here, one should understand the two forms:

Outbound Links: These are known for their quality to connect the material with other sites or pages enjoying high authority. Hence the links need to be used very less with around 1-2 per piece. As a rule it must be usually within the first half of content. It is said that value comes from collaborating with other relevant sites. This practice boosts value of your websites in eyes of Google and industry experts.

Internal Links: These are also special links that display your offerings and knowledge by keeping people restricted to your world. Here, you need to be a little careful in choosing appropriate pages that are relevant and ready to link to all pages of your website. This way, you are boosting and supplementing user experience without crushing it. The links should be read as natural for better results.

6. Pictures Give Additional Flair

Of course, prudent words matter a lot. However, pictures matter too! In fact, most website visitors respond better to well clicked, edited, or placed pictures. It offers the much needed visual element to the auditory facilitating individuals brilliant opportunities to understand your message well. Integrated best of pictures will let you given an edge to your content over the huge number of other generic text existing on online.

Apart from adding aesthetic value to a page, pictures also ensure additional SEO value. Some of the best ways to boost search engine benefits include optimization of the following:

Alt text
File size
File names

So if you are looking forward to perk up your page, simply integrate some verve to the pictures via crafting an original image for article headline.

7. Focus on Call to Action

You write fabulous content. Best of relevant keywords are embedded. And what’s the use of all this? The ultimate goal of copywriting is to lure Call to Action (CTA). For rocking results, you must focus on CTA’s that directly appeals to what matters to the readers. Some of the major things people usually look for include :

Instant help
A problem that gets solved
Simple / Complex / Proven Facts
Money Savers
So it is important to write CTA’s keeping in mind these requirements to bond with readers on a closer deeper level.

8. Meta to Mega – The Transformation

Most people don’t take meta description very seriously. The valuable time and meticulous research invested into creating authoritative post on a desired topic associated to the industry usually doesn’t allow one to even think of a meta description. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to skip a crucial process as this. The Meta description possesses mega power especially when used right. When it comes to ranking and presentation, meta is as important as content if not more.

Why? Well, from the SEO perspective, meta descriptions (snippet text measuring 150-160 characters) is one way in which you help search engines and Google to understand your content. The snippet text right adjacent to SERP proves relevance of keywords. The significance behind using precise keywords is not proved yet. However, experts recommend display of at least some version of targeted keyword phrases. In plain words, the meta description is precisely how you elaborate your impressively crafted title and attract interest from reader. In short, the reader will be inspired to click on your article.

9. Title Tag – Low Efforts High Rewards!

Title tags are crucial for SEO optimization. They help a lot with title ranking on Google. The best part is integrating title tags are very easy! These are really short comprising of mere 50-60 characters in length. As per standard rule, the tags need to be concise, relevant, and precise description of page. The following makes for the best and conventional format of a title tag as described by Moz.

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Your Brand

How easy is that?

10. Inspire Social Sharing

This doesn’t mean you must act or be a thorough socialite. Motivating and allowing others into social sharing is not that difficult a task. Google will love it. It considers sharing as one of the best tools to show you care. Google is a dedicated follower. It is always concerned and inquisitive about what people wish to be enlightened with, are talking about, their actions, and opinions. Google is keen to know what everyone around deems as popular / crucial. So, once content is shared, Google pulls up its socks and gets into action. It also perks up placement of a business in the SERPs.

One of the best source for sharing is Social Media. Keeping the latest trend and craze among people for social media sites in mind, it is crucial to make it as streamlined and easy as possible to share your content. You must focus on promote the sharing ability and need among others. You page needs to contain a social. It will be a fabulous idea to add a call to action with it such as Talk to us / Tweet / Join the discussion etc.

To Sum Up

So, now that you have the perfect recipe for SEO copywriting in hand, it is time to follow all of these and integrate the strategies in your forthcoming projects to enjoy success. These little tips may sound a little difficult to follow but all it takes is a little consistency, vigilance, and planning to achieve desired results.

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