5 Brilliant Techniques To Get Links In 2015 Effectively without Getting Penalized
07/20 2015

5 Brilliant Techniques To Get Links In 2015 Effectively without Getting Penalized

Link building is an important technique. However, it may turn into a very dangerous one especially if you don’t know what you are doing precisely. The key is to use white hat link building techniques. A reliable SEO knows the worth of “link building,” which quite necessary but can lead to potential dangers.

A lot of people are under a notion that “link building” is synonymous to spammy, black hat SEO techniques. But these are a thing of past. In the present age, premium grade links are still the single largest off-site ranking factors utilized by all major search engines.

Google has also evolved to the point where it is impossible to build links indiscriminately build links to a website and then expect good amount of ranking out of it. Do you really think it works? Well, try that, and Google will penalize you instantly.

So, the question is how can one build links safely for the year 2015? Don’t worry. There are many legitimate and suitable techniques involved.

Here is the list of top five used by experts in the industry:

1. Guest Blogging and Inspiring Others To Indulge in It

Just as with any technique, you must be very careful while guest blogging. Matt Cutts, the Google head of webspam has recently declared that guest blogging is done. But this partially true. Google supported a huge number of leading blog networks. This indicates that the site was quite serious about penalizing all spammy guest blogging. Hence, you must also remember that Google will most likely continue to refine the algorithm so as to banish several of these spammy or less reliable types of guest blogging.

However, Guest blogging still possesses a very strong and genuine perspective. Guest blogging cannot be seen as an effective technique of gaining guest blogs. In case, a website editor or owner relies on you for generation of high-quality content, it doesn’t mean they have allowed you the authority to start aiming some real good backlinks at your own blog or website. In fact, they have relied on you purely for the generation of premium grade content to impress their readers.

On the other hand, you may be authorised to a link if you a good occasion or a byline to refer to or acknowledge some of the articles you have written.

Here, we would like to be crystal clear about guest blogging and its association to backlinks. The main motive of guest blogging is certainly NOT backlinks. In fact, the moment you start using guest blogging for links, editors and websites will come to know what’s going on precisely. And you will be given an exile instantly!

In contrast, if the content, context, and subject of a specific guest post demand it, then it is ok to link it to your own. The primary motive should be to remain very helpful, crystal clear, relevant, and highly informative.

Remember that guest blogging is a scalable process that helps you earn some fabulous backlinks. In case, you feel other influencers in your organization with ample skills and a passion to write, then you need to motivate guest blogging participants. Guest blogging is known to be a very dynamic technique for growing one’s personal brand. The process is known to benefit any company as a whole.

2. The Infographics Trick

Do they exist in today’s world? Are infographics still a viable method for building links? This is an important question for all those looking foward to get links. Infographics are certainly effective method but as effective as in the past. Mass produced in the present age by any business possessing some strategy and a viable marketing budget. The popularity of infographic has declined. A significant decrease in its link building potential has also been seen. It was back in the era of 2012 that infographics earned around 876 backlinks each.

So is it wise to rule out the use of infographic marketing? No, as it’s quite helpful for your audience. It will bring you around 300-400 links which is surely a good number.

3. Getting Active On Social Networking and Media

It is crucial to understand that creating a gripping content is only half the job done in content marketing. Result oriented content promotion culminates the rest half. For the year 2015, the best way to promote a content is through social media. Once you start promoting your content, you’ll start to earn links to the site.

A lot of website experts have mentioned this in their 2015 predictions. They had clearly mentioned that social media will turn into the backbone of blogging. And it has already started. People have even started getting results from this. Getting active in social media leads to sharing of articles, their distribution, tweets, regular mentioning, retweeting, and more talked about. This social buzz wins you the much needed links. Getting active on social doesn’t mean gracing Twitter with your presence for a few minutes daily.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Post links to article on almost all social network you are a member of.
  • Post links to LinkedIn groups holding ample significance.
  • Submit posts to Reddit.
  • Submit posts to StumbleUpon.
  • Submit posts to GrowthHackers.com

This is known to be an indirect way of gaining links. Here, you need to know that social signals are not links. They don’t have ranking impact as dynamic as links. However, once you share your content, people you target will read it and notice it. They will also start linking to it. This is precisely where the links come in.

Here’s an example to help you understand the impact better. As per the experts from the Search Engine industry, the following makes up for the top three results for sharing of content on Social Media:

First Article – Approx 15,172 shares.
Second Article – Approx 10,318 shares.
Third Article – Approx 8,868 shares.

Now, the question is how do the above listed social shares convert into backlinks?

It is easy. The research and reports have revealed that the first article has around 18,310 backlinks from 1,456 domains. On the other hand, second has around 5,017 backlinks from 461 domains and third has 2,626 backlinks from 385 domains.

The key is to understand that a direct correlation exists between the number of shares and backlink numbers. A lot of SEOs are seen declaring the following with pride:

“Earning links is always a graceful task. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone around will discover good content by chance. It is crucial to move out and promote it actively.”

There is precisely no requirement to beg for shares or retweets. Excellent stuff posted will be effective and people will be eager to share it.

4. Request For Links

A lot of time, people believe that ask for links is unreasonable and unwise. However, there’s not an easy way than this to get links! Well, here it is important to understand the real meaning of “request for links.” It doesn’t mean begging for links or trading links.

Requesting for links really work. Now the question is how? Here’s how this dynamic process works:

One of the classic examples here is ‘Peep Laja of ConversionXL’. One of the most notable things about him is the efforts he made towards reaching out to audiences and organizations through writing articles and mentioning them in a post. Most of the readers shared it on social media. Here, it was only a very subtle way of requesting for links.

This is how he messaged the audiences with this brief note:

“Hey XYZ, Just referred to you in this blog post: http://www.xyz.com.

Thanks, Peep


The above mentioned note was very simple. Message give to the audiences was quite subtle. What he really meant was that he did something good for his audiences and if they can favour him by doing something good in return.

It is also possible to be more direct here. Try something as –

“Hey XYZ, I just quoted the article in this infographic. What do you think? Will it be useful for your readers?”

Approaching individuals you know personally or really close to you is the most effective way of requesting for links. Asking for links from unknown people is very awful and ineffective. Asking for links (from your known / loved ones) promises you a platform built for specially for yourself which is very strong, effective, and highly reliable.

It is important to know that industry leaders instantly recognize other leaders of the industry. As soon as your name gets recognized in your niche. People will know you even if you have not met them ever. They may think that they met you at some seminar, workshop, or conference. Such relationships have great potential to develop over time. Slowly, you will gain a lot of trust and respect from your industry comrades. The articles gets share more. The best part is that you may not require requesting for links in future.

5. Develop Your Personal Brand

It is not possible to create links instantly. The key is to realize that growing personal brand is process best followed slow and steady. Following the processes given below will help you build your personal brand effectively:

  • Outreach
  • Assisting people
  • Organizing and giving speeches at conferences
  • Press coverage
  • Associating with mentors
  • Guest blogging
  • Social media
  • A lot more

One thing that you must remember is that the process is a little difficult and takes good amount of time. Despite the difficulties projected by the brand building technique, the payoff promised is simply incredible! Since our personal brand (Smanik) has grown and succeeded through significant toil and hard work, the marketing efforts we put in is not as enormous as it was earlier. Our personal brand force can help generate new and effective business growth.

What about backlinks?

Well, there’s no need to worry about backlinks. These come naturally. Just as all other types of link creating techniques, this process also takes time. Tracking number of backlinks directly to your personal brand power is quite tough. However, as the brand grows and gets popular with the prospective clients, you will observe a significant rise backlink quantity to your personal or business website / blog.

In A Nutshell

The year 2015 is undoubtedly a significant marking of a whole new era in the field of link building. Although earning links is an intensive, exhausting and time consuming process, it is almost impossible to have a top ranking website sans generating premium grade links.

So what are you waiting for? Get set and start off with your mission of getting links safely and without getting penalised this year. Following the above listed five techniques will help you boost site rankings incredibly higher!

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