07/14 2015

5 Link Building Misconceptions that Leads to Devastating Results

Link building has been deemed as a highly significant and reliable strategies used to boost search rankings right since the SEO industry breathed first. As per studies and research, there is a very strong associations between search rankings and inbound links (their quantity and quality).

Earlier, there were only a few rules laid down and fewer penalties by Google to be concerned about. Hence, it was easier to build links in any way you wish to. And websites also enjoyed instant climb in the ranks.

The present age is different. There are several iterations of the following that rules it out as an effective strategy:

  • Penguin update by Google
  • Google engineers comments
  • Perpetuating attitude to link building

This is also the reason link building is losing its popularity. It is also being targeted by Google. However, the truth is that link building can still make for a very viable and long-term strategy. All one needs to focus on is to adapt into an advanced format.

Believing in misconceptions and old school practices will lead to the following:

  • Google will make things extremely difficult. With more and more individuals continuing to engage in link building activities in a bad way, Google will look into the matter carefully and downplay the link importance as ranking factor. This will minimize overall value of all of the links, even the good ones!
  • The Internet will turn into a devastating place replete with bad links, created by individuals who simply don’t know what precisely link building should be. These individuals will clog up forums and comment sections. Also they will make all of the links look extremely bad!
  • Link building will lose its reputation. It will earn a bad name and only a few would like to get associated with it.

When it comes to mitigating the above listed effects, there are a few very common misconceptions existing about link building. Here is a list of 5 most intimidating ones:

1. Quantity is Crucial

Well, the technique involving focus on ranking signals based on quantity is a passe. The era doesn’t exist anymore. Quality has been on the forefront of SEO strategy and will always be. In the present age, quantity doesn’t matter at all! It is all about quality. Google simply won’t care about the number of links you have in hand. All it cares about is the number of varied sources the links come from. Also it would like to know how good, useful, and relevant the sources are. For instance, there are around 18-20 links spread among 5 varied sources, you may end up getting good amount of total authority as compared to if you have around 80-90 links split between 2-3 different sources. To sum up, just a single good quality link will easily outweigh over a one hundred low-quality ones.

2. Each Link Must be Built Manually

Well, it must have been true some years back. Today, the things have changed. Now you can easily log on to any of the following and post a link of your own:

  • Article directory
  • Web 2.0 site
  • Forum
  • Comment section

You may even request any webmaster to build a link for you. Here, it is possible to repeat ad infinitum until you get the number you have been looking for. The process has become obsolete. It does not produce any effects at all. So what should you do?

The key is to allow links to reach you naturally. In case, it is possible for you to develop a special piece of content, that’s relevant, powerful, gripping, and one that people would love to reference, re-publish, quote, give examples, even and attribute to you, it is possible to earn tons of inbound links. The only thing you should focus on is to create content effectively. This may cost a lot. In a nutshell, there is no need to build a link manually.

3. Link Building Leads to Getting Penalized

This is the major fear a lot of people face. In fact, an SEO company is concerned about authenticity and viability of link building process. Presently, if Google discovers your attempt to build several spammy or manipulative links, chance are that it will ignore the links altogether. However, until you have indulged in something extreme, penalty won’t come your way. Here, all you must focus on is to attract good quality links coming from quality sources. Strictly avoid using spammy practices.

4. Link building is a Strategy with No Dependence on Anything Absolutely!

Is it really an independent strategy? Well, content marketing may be considered as independent of SEO. However, it is still related to SEO in many ways. On the other hand, the concept of link building cannot be deemed as an independent strategy. When you focus on building links independently paying full emphasis on rank building, the result will be a disaster. The key is to integrate link building with other strategies. The major focus should be on publishing excellent content. Later on, you can rely on relevant powerful content. Next comes use of social channels to allure inbound links. When it comes to an effective SEO strategy, everything is related.

5. Link Building is ‘Links’ in Pure Terms

Is it? No. Building links should not be centered around link building. The search ranking algorithm of Google is very sophisticated. Hence, it can easily detect the very mention of any specific brand or name of author. The mention of brands carry a lot of authoritative value as a link would in any of the similar position. Also it doesn’t carry any of the allotted penalty risks. These brand mentions can be earned by doing all things similar to what real brands do. Some of these include publishing fabulous content, offering high quality products, ensuring and providing excellent grade customer service, promising real value for money and expectations, and staying active in local and online community.

So this means if you’re relying completely on links for the “link building strategy,” just switch your preference. You need to go with the current trend and start building a unique brand. Building a brand will lead to creation of inbound links and that too, in natural and highly organic method. This is what experts refer real link building to as.

To Sum Up

Link building makes for a very critical component of online marketing and SEO strategy. Also when it comes to branding, link building plays a very important role. It is true that link building can add a lot of value to the blogs and websites. This is way better than overloading pages with spam.

Let’s fight off the devastating misconceptions about link building together!

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