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05/04 2017

9 Easy Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Building a blog is easier. The only place where the shoe pinches are attracting and retaining significant traffic. Is it really that difficult? Well, it is all about knowing the techniques, practicing and improving one’s skills.

Increasing blog traffic is an art. Here are some easy yet very effective ways to help you reach your destination:

1. Target the Right Audience

You must target the audience that’s most likely to share your content. So while strategizing the audience you write for, make sure you consider that audience’s ability to help spread the word. Remember that some communities, writing styles, topics, and content types tend to play better than others. For instance, attractive infographics, proper manual link building practices and heart warming videos narrating a story and collections of facts are usually shared by audiences.

Targeting blog content at groups that share less or not at all will be a bad decision. Make your blog content spread across the web like wild fire.

2. Strategic Content

Content is king. And it is also the most crucial elements for increasing traffic of the blog. So if you are serious about increasing traffic to your blog, focus on creating better content. Thing about quality and be strategic with your content marketing efforts, a big help could to hire SMR Digital to help you with your marketing. Remember that successful content meets specific needs. So think about your audience and their needs / concerns / interests. For new ideas, keep checking out Quora and see questions being asked that is related to your niche industry. Buzzsumo is a great tool to see what others have written about in your field.

Try to add statistics, nice infographics, and storytelling videos. Focus on creating stuff people want to link to and share.

3. Create Viral Content

This is where most people fail. Since they don’t pay attention to the websites creating viral posts, they are ignorant of secrets of viral content creation for increasing blog traffic. Start with writing excellent headlines. This will make 8 out of 10 people click to read your content, especially if you get the headline right. The length should be around 3,000 – 10,000. Research has revealed that most shared posts range between 3,000 and 10,000 words. Last, come up with a killer idea that will go viral in social media.

4. Know your Audience

So what is your target audience interested in? You should make dedicated efforts to figure out what your audience is passionate about. Try typing a primary keyword into the search box of Quora (or anything similar on the line) and hit enter. You will get a list of most pressing questions and concerns of people. This way, you can get a better idea of long tail keyword phrases which helps build user intent for your blog article.

5. Generate Creative Ideas with Buzzsumo

Looking forward to create a viral post? Then you should find out what makes other posts in your niche famous and successful. Try using Buzzsumo. It is a great tool for this Purpose. You need to plug in your primary search engine keyword and then search. It is possible to see the exact number of social media shares for all top posts relevant to your keyword. You can see the number of shares and tweets for the top post. Also look for top headlines. Here, you can go through the tutorials for conversion optimization. These are tutorials that have gained huge popularity among the audience. You may also use this technique to get through the topics in your niche that are high in demand for social media engagement.

6. Trackbacks and Links are Important

Links are one of the most powerful elements of your blog as they get noticed by search engines. They serve as a chain for establishing connection to fellow bloggers belonging to the same industry. This is the best traffic increasing tactic. Leave a trackback on other blogs. This will let them know aware that you’ve linked to them.

7. Participate in Communities Your Audience Gathers

You know where a large portion of your audience is found on the World Wide Web. So focus on active participation on these forums, blogs, websites and various social media communities. These places conduct regular discussions on your topic. This will help you increase blog traffic.

8. Speed and Mobile – Optimize For Both

Remember that your visitors won’t wait around long for your blog to load. So if your page doesn’t come fast enough, they’ll simply move on to the next Google listing. Visit the ‘Page Speed Insights’ tool of Google and check your site speed. This tool gives you the speed score, and even tips on how to increase it.

Remember that modern age users spend several hours a day on their smartphones and tablets. So go mobile before your competition gets the lion’s share of benefits. Check out WordPress plugins that help create a new version of your blog and optimize it for mobile devices.

9. Play Good. Act Well.

This is what we’ve been taught in school, right? Well, keep in mind that good manners go a long way online. Building blog traffic gets easier if you focus on establishing strong relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Don’t shy away from teaming up with your enemies. So start off by commenting on other blogs. You should also focus on being active in various communities. Interview major industry bloggers and try posting about them. Tag the blogger cited or featured in your posts in a tweet. The blogger will certainly retweet and share a post mentioning them. This will get you more shares and more traffic.

Apart from linking to your own blog posts, linking to outside sources is also important for SEO. This will let Google know that you’re not a spammer and establish a positive relationship with others blogs you wish to link to. Establishing and maintaining healthy relations facilitates pitching guest posts and making sure everyone knows about in case of any emergencies.

Follow the above listed tactics and watch your blog traffic skyrocketing in no time flat!

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