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Increase Landing Page Conversions
11/28 2016

9 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Landing-Page Conversions

A business is highly benefitted from its high converting landing pages. Higher rate of conversion indicates more number of customers visiting your website. More number of customers convert into profits. A landing page aims at capturing leads and send them to the sales funnel. So you need to think of your landing page as a masterpiece that marvels you or potential customers.

Each detail of the landing page should have a deeper purpose for being there. It should serve more purpose than just filling up space for your site. Right from color and size of call-to-action button for the entire length of your copy, things integrated into the page needs to have a strategic reasoning. After developing a foundation structure for page, it’s time to test it. And make sure you test it again and again.

Listed below are the 9 best ways to increase landing page conversions

1. Know Your Visitors

This is one of the easiest ways to boost conversion rate of your landing page. You must focus on gaining a better and clearer understanding of your audience. Assess visitor’s actions and behavior will help you know the features that are helping or hurting conversions. It will also help you make any necessary changes. Stay away from all kinds of distractions while optimizing landing page for conversions. Focus on what your customer wants and expects from you.

2. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is extremely important for success with a landing page. So make sure you maintain consistency in the information on site and user experience. Maintaining consistency will make your customers comfortable.

3. Create Cognitive Flow

Apart from including eye catching images and graphics, it is crucial that you keep the audience engaged by answering their questions and solving their problems. In case, you fail to do so, the potential customer will lose interest in your page. The ideal page should answer the following queries of customers in sequence:

  • The Headline – Explains the topic of the page.
  • Sub heading – How does it help me?
  • Text and Images – May I know more about you?
  • Reviews, Stats, & Testimonials – Why should I trust you?
  • Conversion Action – Should I buy or leave?

4. Play With The Page Elements

There is no need to follow a certain template or format for the landing page. This is because each business and its target audience are different. What works for one may not work for others. What works for one marketer doesn’t necessarily offer a similar return to others. However, design details certainly affect the way your content is perceived on the landing page.

5. Get Them to Call

Most people might find it really difficult to pick up and make a call while browsing a website. However, the task gets easier if it is on a phone. When your prospect browses site on the phone, they don’t need to get up and call. They are already holding what they need! According to a study conducted in the 2001 by a Google Mobile Movement, around 61% of mobile users call after a local business search. So make the phone number easy to locate. You must let it stand out well on your mobile landing page. Make it a breeze for your prospects to call you. Also integrate a click-to-call button (CTC) which makes the entire process painless. For instance, you may include the international prefix in the code to phone to help global users, use the phone icon to help visitors understand the action required, include phone number in the link, and finally test CTA on multiple devices.

6. Colors

You will be surprised that around 90% of all decisions customers make on any website are primarily influenced by colors? Yes, right from the color of background to text, CTAs, and links, these make a huge impact on how the customer perceives your landing page. So make sure you introduce welcoming and pleasant colors to your background, CTAs, and links. It is also crucial to run an A/B test to figure out the ones that are the best.

7. Create Urgency

Make sure you create a sense of urgency in your page. This also means you need to create a scene of scarcity for an effective approach. When implemented into your landing page, the visitors will be tempted to click and know more about it. For instance, you can write “Limited Time Offers” or “Only 4 left in stock” to compel visitors to act quickly. In case, call-to-action includes a free CD, webinar or e-book in exchange for signing up for your email list, you may create this sense of urgency. Simply say that only first 50 or 100 sign-ups will be provided access to the free ebook. Creating urgency induces visitor to act quickly.

8. Brief is Big

When it comes to online ads, you get only about 2.6-3 seconds to attract attention of a visitor. So in this short period of time, you must give some strong reasons to your potentional client why he should buy your offer. So cut out all the disrupting elements from the landing page. You must keep the interface as simple as possible. Use catchy headlines with a strong single focus and visually impressive CTA. These elements will give your landing page clarity about what you offer and what you wish your client to do next.

9. Relevance

Do you think the copy on landing page match the content in your ad? In case, your ad makes a promise, the landing page should instantly assure the reader that they will find what’s promised after clicking. The idea is to make your ad identical to the graphics, information and header of landing page.

In a Nutshell

The tips mentioned above are a hot favorite amongst landing page conversion experts. These are tried and tested offering you desired results. All the best!

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