07/13 2015

Effective Ways to Minimize Your Bounce Rate In One Second!

Is it really possible to get visitors spend more time on your website and minimize your bounce rate? If yes, is it possible to do this sans spending more than a second trying to make efforts towards it? Yes! It is possible! And the task is very simple. Here’s how you go about it:

Control Panel

The first step is to get inside the control panel of your website. For instance, a WordPress admin dashboard. It can also be something equivalent on any software you use.

Alter Font Size

Now it is time to move to the section where you are allowed to tweak CSS and various other elements of design. For instance, in WordPress, you can find this right under ‘Appearance’ menu. Here, you should locate line controlling size of font. Your job is to increase it. And you’re done!

How simple is that?

A number of cases on the internet have appeared where individuals have utilized the technique of A/B testing to discover various methods to minimize bounce rate. In most cases, increasing font size worked.

What is the logic here?

A large population in developed nations across the globe getting older. Many require staring at laptop or computer screen constantly for hours together and even 24×7 (in most cases) while at work. This affects eyes leading to tired and dry eyes condition. Here you simply need to combine the situation with larger screen resolutions. This means there are more number of pixels on the screen and the size of the text and graphics getting smaller. Also there are website visitors preferring to read large fonts on your site to be able to read the content without ant difficulty.

In a Nutshell

A lot of web masters and site owners have experimented by increasing the font on their posts and content pages. By just increasing the font size from 12 to 13 has done the trick. So try out this method and improve bounce rate significantly in just a second!

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