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05/24 2016

Questions You Must Ask an SEO Company before Hiring One

Identifying the best SEO firms can be a tough task to undertake and accomplish. With many of these agencies mushrooming around in all sizes, it isn’t easy at all. So how do some of the corporations manage to get that perfectly designed and immensely successful website?

This is because they know how to get to the right company. They know a crucial set of factors to be considered. Listed below are some of the questions you need to ask an SEO company to be able to reach out to the perfect one:

What is your company’s marketing goal of delivering results?

In Milwaukee SEO, you choose must be able to answer this question clearly. The primary goal of any company to help your business get a substantial return on investment. It is wise to steer clear of companies that show interest only in keyword rankings. One track focus can never lead to increase in growth, profits, success and revenue. Manny Zarate has been helping business owners worldwide in the most competitive industries with amazing results with his proven and effective Professional SEO Services.

What reports will I be receiving? What will be the frequency?

As a part of a campaign, you are entitled to receive reports on keyword ranking, traffic, conversion, and service.

What type of links will you be building?

You must know the plans of an SEO firm to achieve results. Make sure you gain a deep understanding of the type and quality of links the company will be building. Authoritative and industry relevant links are known to be the best.

Do you use only white hat link building techniques?

Steer clear of any company that uses software or automation to build links. This is deemed as “black hat” SEO. Although it can deliver short term results, penalty and other issues arise in the long term. No company should buy your links on your behalf. It is wise to use ONLY white hat link building strategies such as leveraging content marketing, guest blogging, digital PR, etc.

Will the service include content marketing and online marketing?

Your SEO firm should write high quality press releases, blog posts, or guest posts on your behalf to make marketing a successful event.

Will you provide on-site SEO?

On-site optimization is vital for the success of your SEO campaign. It is also the basis of first page Google rankings. Some of the crucial on-site moves an SEO company comes included Title tag optimization, Keyword URL structure optimization, Meta Description optimization, XML sitemap creation, XML sitemap syndication in Google & Bing, Alt Tag optimization, Google Analytics + Webmaster Installation, and much more.

Will your SEO firm give me additional benefits from strategies like brand awareness, boost in conversions, and advertising and digital marketing?

SEO is a diverse subject and its success also depends on some other elements included such as re-targeting ads, email marketing, social advertising, etc.

Is it possible for you to show me keyword rankings for an active client?

The company you wish to finalise must show you live 1st page of Google rankings for some of its happy clients.

Can I talk to the team before signing of the contract?

Make sure the company lets you talk to its team of professional and help you understand the process before signing a contract.

What information should I provide you to get started with the SEO marketing campaign?

A good online marketing company will like to gather info such as your best selling product or services, retail value of products, and profit margin. The info will help the company calculate PPP (pay per click) strategy (pay per click) and the amount of revenue generated via organic traffic (SEO) to ensure decent ROI.

How long should I wait to see results?

Search engine optimization is an essential and a very powerful process when it comes to getting results. However, it takes a good amount of time too. Several factors are responsible for deciding on when an SEO agency can deliver results. These include keywords chosen, industry, past SEO efforts, competitors, current website status, etc. On an average, a reputed SEO firm takes around 3-4 months to deliver results. If you’re looking for good local SEO results check out Hyper Local Citations service, it works pretty well.

Remember that hiring the best SEO expert can make or break your business. Asking the above listed questions in your interviews will help you reach out to the best SEO company.


Author Bio : Jitesh Manaktala – Owner of Smanik Design is a Website Designing & SEO Company in Delhi.

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