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04/17 2017

6 Easy Yet Powerful Tips for More Profitable YouTube Advertising

Are you using YouTube for marketing? Are you getting the results? Most people wonder why a powerful medium as YouTube often fails to produce expected results. Well, that’s because they have not been using it the way it should be. Didn’t have any clue about this?

Here are some very easy yet actionable tips to ensure profitable YouTube advertising:

1. Compelling Videos

The so called ‘viral videos’ seem to be difficult to create as many of us don’t have a cute pug that dances to the latest Ed Sheeran track! Well, that’s really not required! Don’t focus on quantity in the beginning. Simply focus on creating content that addresses specific needs of your audience. The goal should be to create helpful videos that are valuable and compelling to your prospective clients. Anything that you can blog about can be converted into a very compelling video. You may include the following into your video:

  • How-to’s
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Interviews from experts
  • Screen video captures
  • Slide shows
  • A lot more

2. Annotations For Building Subscribers

Add annotations to YouTube videos. This should include clickable calls to action. These annotations appear on top of your videos. These appear for a specified length of time. You may include links to other videos, channels, playlists or a subscribe option. This is quite helpful if you have created a video information that’s out-of-date. Deleting video will let you create a new one. Embed a link to the original video that takes people to more rectified and updated version.

3. Post Bulletin

You need to post bulletin, and alert all of your friends and subscribers about it. The ‘Post Bulletin’ tab is available right at the top of your channel. So create a bulletin and a link to a video that appears on subscribers’ and friends’ home pages. This is an excellent way to draw extra attention and potential traffic to your video. Posting a bulletin will boost your visibility.

4. YouTube Ads

People visit YouTube and directly enter in search queries of what they’re looking for. This is a great thing as you can easily bid on those keywords. This is very similar to Google pay-per-click activity. However, instead of a text ad, you receive a video including a thumbnail of a video. One of the best things is that you can bid on keywords for pennies! This is nothing when compared to what you pay for a Google text ad / Facebook ad. After submitting your video as a Promoted Video, it will run ‘CTA’ ads. CTA is an acronym for ‘call to action.’ The ads are clickable and facilitates you to click right over from a video to a website.

5. Focus on other Social Media Platforms

First, you need to understand that YouTube is a social media platform. You need to make efforts towards extending reach of your video and make it shareable, just as you would do to other social media sites.

One of the best ways is to blog it. Each time you post a new video, you will be able to create a blog post around it. Make sure you make use of a keyword-rich title. It is also important that you fill post with relevant, appropriate, complementary content. The effort will deliver your YouTube video to blog subscribers. This also boosts chances of being found in a search. Additionally, you can also add your own sharing buttons on the blog. This makes it very easy for people to share your content.

Post a video to Facebook profile page or the business page you have created. This will help you to reach out to a wider audience on Facebook. Tweeting the video will also help a lot. Excellent content is best respected on Twitter. Another idea is to submit it to StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking site. It is a dynamic referrer and has recently surpassed the popularity of Facebook for driving maximum U.S. web traffic from social media sites.

6. Review YouTube Insights

YouTube comes integrated with very powerful analytics. These are capable of providing you with insight into who’s actually watching your videos. It also tells how they discovered them. With YouTube analytics, it is possible to collect important information on an individual or all the videos you had uploaded. Regular review of ‘most-watched’ videos or those attracting the most community feedback (comments, likes, etc.) will help you know the type of content that resonates most with your target audience.


It is easier to boost ROI (return of investment) on your online videos via focussing on developing content that perfectly syncs with your audience. You also need to build a branded channel and use bulletins and ads. However, this is just the tip of iceberg for increasing online visibility through YouTube marketing!

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