Twitter Testing
12/12 2015

Latest Twitter Testing – A Video Ad Model Similar to YouTube combined With a Brand New Amplify Offering

This is a brand new test declared by Twitter that works towards facilitating advertisers to display adverts in organic videos. It also promises to eradicate the requirement for deals from direct publisher. As per the latest reports, Twitter is also opening up its amazing Amplify program to many more audiences other than purchases from direct publisher. This is combined by a new unique option that guarantees strong appeal to wider number of advertisers aiming to operate pre-roll ads right on the platform.

Now there is no need to set up sponsorship deals with some limited number of publishers so as to take part in Amplify. The advertisers simply require bidding on video category and add up additional audience targets straight on top of the categories. Reports have revealed that Twitter will serve pre-roll ads into the many of the relevant videos dedicatedly followed by potential customers of advertisers.

There are some differences between Custom program and Open beta. One of the major ones being the organic videos on which the pre-roll ads of Open program run. This is quite same as the YouTube model wherein monetization of video inventory is permitted for publishers. On the other hand, Promoted Tweets are widely used by Custom program for distribution of video content.

Many publishers including HGTV, Outside Television, SBNation, Maker Studios, People, Mashable, and Sports Illustrated are taking part in this latest offering by popular site Twitter. At present, the beta is open to only a restricted number of advertisers and in the United States. As Twitter has serious and concrete plans to expand all over the world, it is good to get in touch with the company for making a collaboration with the beta.

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