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12/22 2015

Things Marketers Must Know About New & Existing Product Ads on Facebook

Facebook is all set to up its emphasis on advanced mobile e-commerce solutions. This has been proved with the website’s introduction of a brand new Canvas ad format combined with a dedicated Shopping section recently.

Undoubtedly, the world famous social media site is continuing to squeeze and build on its latest ad offerings for various e-commerce marketers. It is a dedicated attempt on the part of Facebook to mark a standing for modern social network as the most happening and profitable shopping destination.

According to a recent survey, it has been proved that almost half of web surfers visit Facebook to search for new products. Hence, the company declared some exciting new initiatives to facilitate the entire process for users. They can now discover new, amazing products and shop right from their smartphones.

The company has also unveiled new product tests. These two tests have been introduced to facilitate users pleasantly engage with various shopping adverts as well as number of content in Facebook mobile apps.

Here’s is a sneak peak on what has been announced and details on the latest Facebook happenings related to its innovations under the category of e-commerce solutions:

fb shopping

The First Announcement

Recently, Facebook has announced an expansion referred to as the ‘Canvas’. It was officially unveiled in the month of June with an intention to showcase products in a better clearer and faster way on full-screen interactive pattern. This is done on Facebook mobile apps. The new addition was intended to ensure excellent ad experience and facilitate users browse through a product of advertiser post clicking on an advertisement.

The Second Announcement

The second announcement is quite interesting. Facebook declared the addition of a new Shopping section. This was added to ‘favorites’ in the Facebook mobile app. The ‘More’ area of Facebook will allow select users see a brand new Shopping section. Here, users will enjoy a first-stop and centralized place so as to discover new products on the social media website. Everyone will not be able to see this new option once they select “More” from the menu of Facebook. For many users, the site will say, ‘roll out soon’.

Now the question is where do the listings in ‘Shopping’ option come from? Well, these are fueled by a number of businesses in America. It is a result of their testing the Facebook Shop section. It is being assessed and tested for various retailers and brand Pages. So once users click on ‘Shopping’ section, they can easily see the products being displayed by the businesses.

The Canvas Craze and New Ad Format

The major benefit here is speed. Latest Facebook Canvas format testing facilitates users to initiate and undertake do catalog browsing on Facebook. According to the famous social media websites, users tend to abandon websites of advertisers soon after clicking on an ad. The reason is that the page takes too much time to load on mobile phones. Now, the new Canvas format will enable users to move to a super fast loading page. It promises an exciting fast and pleasant full-screen experience. Here, one can have a look at a wide variety of products prior to clicking through to the website of advertiser.

Facebook Has Shopping Ads – So Why New Initiatives?

That’s true! Product ads have been in place for some time. Additionally, Facebook added a carousel format last year with an intention to display several products and images together in an advertisement. Lately, the social media website enabled video for Product ads. Theses were rolled out on Instagram. Some powerful ads manage to pull from product feeds. Both formats sends users directly to the retailer. This is possible once they click on an ad and allows user to abandon prior to loading of those pages.

The New Shopping Section

Last months, Facebook has announced ‘Shop’ section for pages. This is a dedicated attempt on the part of social media website to facilitate users browse and purchase from the platform. It helps in positioning shop as an ideal retailer’s solution to those suffering from poor mobile site experiences. Shop is also second attempt on the part of Facebook at building some micro-stores on pages of retailer. Here, the major drawback is that users must be active on one of the pages enabled by ‘Shop’ section and then well versed with the knowledge to engage with it. The latest shopping section is targeted to provide users a special space in the app for locating, sharing and purchasing products. According to the famous social media company, apart from product content in Shop sections, items listed for sale in various groups of Facebook will also be incorporated. This is quite similar to the transformation of social media site into a mall!

Participation in New Initiatives

This is not really possible as of now. The above mentioned two new features are in restricted testing. As per the latest reports, new canvas format testing will start off in a few weeks from now. So shopping facility is only available to a limited set of businesses. However, there’s no harm in staying alert and hope the initiatives gain decent traction to open up to other advertisers.

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