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03/29 2017

Top 5 Ways to Sell More Products with Social Media

The present world of serious competition among sales people struggle with generating new leads. Picking up the phone and making cold calls to reach out to new prospects is passe. Cold calls are not efficient in generating leads.

Understanding Social Selling

It is a process where sales people make use of social media to find and engage with new prospects. These days, sales people make use of social media in order to provide value to prospects. This is done via answering questions, responding to various comments and sharing content. You can even get help from one of the best SEO agency in Singapore to learn how to do it yourself.

Selling through social media networks to reach new prospects is social selling. They liked Ontraport process that includes educating people on various ways companies can help grow their business. The use of social media has become a crucial element in selling.

Here are 5 Best Ways to Sell More Products Through Social Media:

Relevant Networks

Being active on the right networks is very important for selling more using social media. Being active on right networks is the key. After all, it doesn’t make sense engaging on a channel that your audience isn’t on. The messages you send will reach none. So get into a detailed research on which social media networks your customers use. For instance, if you deal in art, interior designing or fashion, Pinterest makes for a great option. For those in the B2B, LinkedIn makes for the best option to sell to decision makers at other organizations. Instagram and Facebook can make a powerful platform for selling products to younger audiences.

Follow Target Audience

If you have certain brands you wish to bring on as new clients, social media is the right platform to use. It provides you with the means to connect with anyone you want to. From small to large businesses, consumers, critics, reviewers, decision makers, and consumers, all are on social media.

All you need to do is start interacting and engaging with these ideal customers. This will help you get an idea of their specific needs, expectations, and pain points. Once you are aware about this, you get to know when to make contact with the target audience and conversations you should engage in. Your future prospects will know your brand and company. You will stay top of mind, especially when they need something you sell.

Groups and Communities

Chances are, regardless of what industry you’re in or what products or services you sell, there will be a group dedicated to your subject matter of interest. Joining groups and communities on social media will increase your opportunities for leads, for networking, and for referrals. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to provide value to the right audience to increase your thought leadership.

Conversations about Brand

If you are serious about selling more with social media, focus on adding value to your products or services. This is the future of selling. Keep yourself updated with any and all mentions about your brand. Replying to queries or any mention about your products will keep your audience happy and increase popularity of your brand. With hashtags, you can know what people are saying about your company.

As already discussed, answering a query your prospect has for you without delay is crucial. Also offer any information requested by your prospect. Retweeting or liking a post about your organization helps building relationships and trust.

Share Content

Are you developing content all by yourself? Have you been thinking of repurposing old company content? Looking forward to find relevant external content? Well, it is crucial to understand that sharing information about your industry can help you provide value. This also works towards increasing brand awareness, and even boost your credibility. However, you should stay away from sharing self-promoting or irrelevant content. It can lose your prospect’s interest.

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