11/25 2015

Upload Vidoes with Twitter Straight from the Desktop

Did you know uploading video to Twitter is not a mobile-only process anymore? In fact, from now on, the users for Twitter can easily upload videos right from the desktop. All one needs to do is click on the ‘media’ button and upload videos / photos to be able to tweet a video on twitter.com. Here, the videos are restricted to the size of around 512MB. These videos should also be only 30 seconds long. For videos longer than 30 seconds, a special trimming tool helps edit it down to required length. The accepted format for video uploads through web is MP4. These uploads may also be in MOV.

Advertisers and partners associated with Twitter have been accessing a Web interface for a long time in order to publish videos on Twitter. However, for the first time ever, it is offered as a consumer-facing tool. Twitter acts as a handy feature for all marketers who wish to organize and manage various social campaigns straight from their desktop.

This brand new can enhance the video number uploaded to the network. It will also amplify the time watched. The process is certainly for the best interests of Twitter; working as a wonderful business strategy. This can also be considered as Twitter’s attempt to catch-up with Facebook’s latest e-commerce and video hub strategies. Twitter is also looking forward to reach up to YouTube and attain good number of viewership. The social video strategy is all set to hit the industry and its viewership in the later part of year 2015. Post launch of mobile video uploading facility in the month of January, it bought Periscope, the live streaming video app. According to some reports, videos worth around forty year’s have been watched in less than 6 months on Periscope daily.

By the midyear, the company created a video autoplay. It also paid off in several views more. Twitter has not released any view stats comparing 4 billion of Facebook in a day. However, the company has recently reported over 370 years of video watched daily which amounts to around 200 million minutes (38 seconds) for 316 million users of Twitter.

Presently, Twitter has made a nice move with an aim to monetize this viewership via declaring an extension of its Amplify program. Here, both video makers and publishers will be blessed with an easier technique to integrate pre-roll adverts to their content.

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