Ways to Discover Next Big Campaign for your Brand with Social Conversation
07/16 2015

Ways to Discover Next Big Campaign for your Brand with Social Conversation

This is a customer-centric world where social insights play key to developing a highly effective media collaborations, commercials, blog posts, and many more. A lot of experts have realised this fact.

The Changes in Marketing Landscape

If you browse through any of the latest articles, you will come to know about the consistent change in marketing landscape. And one common theme that is followed throughout include:

  • The customer being the central point.
  • Extermination of mass advertising and campaign marketing

Presently, the best marketers are known to be the ones who work towards authentically engaging with their existing and potential customers. They should also be able to help them achieve desired goals. Putting the customer right at the focal point of marketing operation is an indication that brand should possess a deep understanding of their target audience and the element that makes him or her tick. The challenge that many brands face is how to obtain that information.

Most believe in turning to focus groups. Many are attracted towards using surveys. Some tend to have a look at keywords frequently used by consumers to describe or portray themselves in various social profiles. All of these elements can prove to be highly useful tactics for gaining a deep and correct understanding on who precisely your customers are, what they wish to get, care about, and inspired from. In contrast, experts feel that these techniques possess a danger. This is because most social bios, surveys, and focus groups depend on infor reported by customer.

A lot has been said and written by social experts related to the potential dangers of self-reporting. Some of these include:

  • Challenges related to introspection
  • Rating scales that are subjective
  • Uncontrollable desire of participants to control their social image

The best thing to do is to focus on your present Twitter bio. What does it look like? Does the 140-character blurb work towards capturing a wide spectrum of online interactions, behaviour, interests, preferences?

It is true that Twitter bio displays a restricted, highly controlled view into the life of consumer and social media activities. However, it is immensely capable of informing a lot about what they care about and various topics they are interested in.

For providing brands the power it needs, one needs to focus on the following:

  • The content type shared on Facebook
  • People followed on Twitter
  • Conversations that interest them
  • Most frequented Tumblr blogs

As soon as you are aware about what your target audience wants, the kind of TV shows they watch, the causes supported, books they read, magazines they love to purchase, and things that influences them. Now the question is what you do with the information collected. Listed below are some possibilities to let you get started:

The key is to put the customer as the focal point of marketing operation. Here, the brands should possess deep realization of things that attract or interest audiences. The major challenge most brands face in this regard is the manner in which they get that specific info.

Introduce Significant Modifications in Your Keyword Strategy


A large number of tools are available these days that facilitate brands identify specific keywords to utilise for both online and social ads. Some of these are very dynamic. These are as powerful as conversations of customers. Here, you must use perceptions related to the interests of audiences on social. This will let you reveal and assess latest keywords reflecting niche topics they wish to pursue with. Apart from boosting click-through rates, it helps you to deliver relevant and effective information to audiences (promises relevance to their interests). All of this contribute to positive and best customer experience.

A Dynamic Highly Skilled Content Team

It is no secret that fantastic inbound content tends to allure audiences simply by speaking directly about their specific requirements. And the challenges of coming up with fantastic brand new ideas each time is not unknown to a content marketer. In fact, they have been disturbed by the very idea of coming up with new plans that can effectively resonate with the target audience of their brand. The experts believe that tapping into conversation with audience on social media can be a brilliant solution for any writer’s block.

For instance, a thorough assessment of ardent fans of any talent hunt show comprises of a major overlap between the following two:

  • Those interested in the specific TV show
  • Enthusiasts of a specific genre

Now in case, you work on the marketing team of this show, this simple perception can easily inspire a huge number of blogs, video, and Instagram content. Here, you must think nothing less than something like:

“A History of a talent (mention some genre),” “The Top 10 genre show from ’80s.”

Recognize Media Partnerships

A lot of people don’t recognize this but strategic media partnerships are known to be one of the best techniques to establish connection with customers via messages. The social media data facilitates discover various possibilities of collaborations that may have gone unexpected and undisclosed in the past.

For instance, one of the famous social content plan and strategy building companies assessed social behavior and various interest areas of ardent fans of the latest new slapstick comedy. After a thorough assessment, it was found that the audience possessed deep interest in a specific type of music. Keeping this in mind, the social content organization tried and pursued dynamic collaborations. This was something they weren’t really sure of in the past.

In the present day, most marketers must possess deep and precise understanding of customers preferring their brand. And this is what most CMOs know. Now the question is how brands will keep getting precise while developing this understanding. Once this happens, what they will do with those specific insights.

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