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12/19 2015

YouTube has a Competition Now: Facebook Finally Builds its Own Video Hub

Facebook finally did it! It has literally entered into the vast territory dominated by video platform of Google. How? Well, it is testing a special location for those interested in watching videos on the social network. And why not? It is definitely fun to watch videos on social media sites where one prefers spending a lot of time!

So, the news is that ‘Facebook video’ is finally getting a house of its own. In the past, the social network site was happy with users bumping into videos on the News Feed. These were targeted via algorithm. The strategy was a huge hit and paid off immensely well! The statistics have revealed that people watched over 4 billion videos in a single day on Facebook!!!

However, YouTube is still recognized as the best place to hit for those actively looking for various videos to watch. Hence, this existing Google platform still remains the topmost and widely appreciated place for video marketing.

Today, Facebook announced a move that could start shrinking the gap. It is testing a dedicated hub for people looking to watch video on Facebook. It will facilitate visitors locate, watch and share videos on Facebook relevant to their interests. Presently, the test will roll out to only a restricted number of people. It promises access to the video section through an icon flashed at the bottom of the iPhone app. This section can also be accessed from the “Favorites” section present on the left-hand side of the Web News Feed.

The Facebook Videos Section

Here, the plan is to colonize the section with videos saved by visitors for later and even those coming from friends. It will include pages they follow and videos uploaded by other publishers. And the best part is that people will not scroll further without watching the video move. At present, Facebook is also busy in testing a few other introductions and additions.

Facebook’s one of the “suggested videos” provides visitors a nice stream of other interesting videos to watch soon after clicking on one or watching the entire from the News Feed. The testing process started during summer. Video publishers were given a cut of adverts getting displayed in the stream. Recently, Facebook declared that it undertakes immense pleasure to see the initial testing results. Hence, the feature was rolled out instantly to all iPhone users. Facebook has also started this testing program on the Web. Soon, it is planning to initiate the process on Android.

Other Video Tests

This includes a nice pop-out video player. It allows visitors to watch a video even while they continue scrolling through their feed. The videos also has a button referred to as “save for later” button. Using this button, the visitors can easily bookmark content they wish to come back to. This successfully teams up with Facebook strategy to woo visitors looking to the social media site as a nice source for uninterrupted and fast loading video entertainment.

A demo video has also been created by Facebook for the dedicated hub.

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