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Terms & Conditions

1. Client shall pay or reimburse SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. for all taxes paid or Incurred based on work performed or products delivered pursuant to this Agreement.
2. SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. will maintain confidentiality on all information provided by Client.
3. Clients need to arrange for Terms and conditions and privacy policy for their website. (We can advice consultant who are legal professionals)
4. SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. logo will be displayed in the footer on the landing pages.
5. The proposal is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the proposal submission.
6. The rates quoted are EXCLUSIVE of:
7. Onsite travel. This will be reimbursed by client to SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. at actual.
8. Liquidated damages will be reimbursed by client to SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. at actual
9. ALL taxes, levies, duties prevailing at the time of payment. Such taxes, levies, duties, if paid by Company, will be reimbursed by client to SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. at actual.
10. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not considered as normal business working days.
11. Company will seek client’s approval for all expenses not covered in this proposal before incurring any such expense and will charge such expenses to clients on actual, once approval is received.
12. SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. and client would treat information pertaining to this project received from each other (which is not previously available) as ‘confidential’.
13. Company will issue invoices in electronic form to clients. Clients shall issue payment to Company within net 15 days from the date of client receipt of such correct invoice.

14. Invoices will be deemed accepted after 7 days from the date of receipt of invoices by client if no information is received to the contrary from client.

15. Clients to issue a ‘formal Purchase order’ in favour of Company. It is proposed that client and SManik Technologies PVT. LTD. could enter in to a ‘contract’ that will govern the terms and conditions for this project.

16. In case of any delay in project schedule, Company reserves the right to revisit its commercial offer and escalate its price accordingly.

17. Company will not be liable in for any special, exemplary, punitive, indirect, incidental, statutory or consequential damages including without limitation lost data, profits, revenues or cost of procuring substitute goods or services. However, Company’s aggregate liability under this agreement shall be limited to the amounts paid by client to Company under the relevant statement of work.

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