Website Designing & Internet Marketing Company.

Website Designing Company in Janakpuri

Smanik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is leading web design company with extensive experience in all areas of web design, development and programming. Holding an impressive portfolio in Delhi and NCR region, the company has successfully created many hundreds of professional websites, applications, presentation websites, and online stores across India.

Smanik Technologies offers premium grade web design services including:

  • Website creation – Designing unique and completely personalized sites. No templates or open source solutions are used.
  • CMS presentation and website development.
  • Building dynamic and interactive website, social networks, online booking platforms, portals and many more.
  • Creating a complex online store and eCommerce solutions.
  • Effective and secure implementation of payment card methods.
  • Creating professional websites and web applications combined with databases aptly customized as per specific needs of customers.
  • Onpage / Off-page Seo optimization.
  • Website source code optimisation for high rankings in search engines.

The company accomplishes all process through an innovative research process that amalgamates the the traditional methods and advanced techniques. It serves small companies, start-ups, mid-market and large enterprises and help them meet their needs.

The mission of Smanik is simple – to build brilliant, attractive, high-quality websites for their clients. The team of professional and experienced web developers consistently come up with brilliant brand new ideas and solutions to boost overall functionality of the website. The company promises to deliver scalable and extendable solution to businesses.

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