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05/27 2016

10 Essential Questions to Ask a Web Design Company before Hiring

Hiring a web design company can make or break your business. This depends on the company you choose. Hence, it is important to hire a professional and experienced company that has been providing the best of services.

How do you lay out your sites? Do you use tables?

Some web designers tend to use invisible tables to hold the page layout together. This is tough to detect as the design cannot tell you about this. However, you must check it thoroughly. Remember that a site using tables is not accessible which makes for a legal requisite in some nations. Additionally, it will perform badly in search engines. Visitors will be disappointed as the site will take longer to load. Make sure tables are are used only where tabular data is displayed.

Do you guarantee adherence to W3C specifications for all of my pages?

This is important. Your website needs to be tested in all the popular browsers. It should be easily viewed on screens of different sizes.

Do you register a domain name and provide web hosting? What are the costs for the same?

You will certainly require a domain name. This is a way your website can be seen on the World Wide Web. Web hosting is requisite for storing website files. This is similar to renting space online. Make sure the company offers you this facility and help you set up email addresses for business.

Will I be given after-development support? If yes, what type of support will you provide me with?

Focussing only on building a website is not enough. You need to know what you will be served with after the final project is delivered to you. Know how you will be assisted once the website is built. You may not benefited if a website is designed at affordable prices, but the after-sales support is priced exorbitantly. So make sure you know the cost of changes and modifications in the future.

Are your websites hand coded?

This is important. It displays a level of expertise of a company. You must know the software used by web designers to develop the site. You need to know how the entire process is going to take place and the end results of the same.

How do I Get Updates?

A good web design company will offer you a CMS (Content Management System) to ensure efficient management of your website. This will depend on update frequency. However, this may be an expensive affair for yearly service. Some companies may charge on an hourly basis for updates. You must enquire how you will be charged before signing a contract.

Is Web Design your Main Business?

These days, you will see a lot of print designers, graphic designers, computer programmers, and people from other fields offer web design services. However, it is important to choose a company that specialises in the field of web design. Strictly avoid a ‘Jack of all trades’. Remember that web design projects require unique and disciplined skills. Hence, it is crucial to look for a company that holds expertise and specialisation in the field of web design.

It is crucial to establish a decent rapport with the web designer you wish to hire. There are many reasons behind this. First and foremost, you will be working closely with them. The duration may depend on the length of the project. You are relying on them for the success and fame of your business brand. You may also require collaborating with the designer for maintenance of website in future. In case, you do not feel good about working with a specific designer, it is better look for another company.

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