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04/11 2016

Best Tips For Selecting eCommerce Web Designing Company

With the increasing number of website designing companies offering services these days, it has become quite difficult to choose any one. Ecommerce websites have taken a front seat among modern day business owners. They expect their website to be more efficient and smoother than their competitors. So what are the key points one should consider when choosing an agency to design their ecommerce site?

Here are top key points to look for when choosing a new ecommerce web design agency:

Track Record

Before choosing a web design company, you must check the portfolio / case studies of a number of these companies operating in your area. It is important that the name is recognisable by you. The company should be highly reputed and hold some wonderful reviews to back up. You can do a serious Google search and check that the companies exist. Look for their own website and their design. You must search for their past work.


Look for testimonials of the website companies you are considering. Ask these companies to send you references or testimonials from customers. Make double sure you check these reviews out. Call the clients up and check if the reviews and testimonials are real.


Make sure you enquire about the team / person who would be looking after your account. These personnel should be always available for you. So get a website, phone number, email, and a 24×7 operational number that serves customers all the time. Enquire the company about turnaround time for responding to emails.

The Team Size

The team should comprise of a large number of members holding expertise in varied fields. This also depends on the project you would like to get handled. For a bigger project, the team should also be competent and big.

Company Age

The company should hold a lot of experience in the field of ecommerce web design. The more number of years it is in business, the better.

Terms and Conditions

Know about the terms and conditions of the company before actually hiring one. This will help you stay away from all kinds of hassles and inconvenience.

Strike Balance between Online Marketing and Web Design

You need to know that the company you choose offers other crucial services too. They must hold ample experience in the field of search engine marketing and building websites to maximise performance of search engine. Meet the team and know if they have undertaken projects demanding the best of online marketing before. These are important elements for your website design.

Coding Standards

Does the web agency follow W3C guidelines for coding ecommerce website? What browsers does the company test their work in? You must know about these things before hiring a company. It is crucial that your website gets developed to the best possible and industry approved standards. A DDA compliant website that is precisely built to W3C guidelines will easily accessible to all. Since the modern age is about using any one of a plethora of internet browsers available such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari etc., it is very important to make sure your website can be viewed properly in all prevalent browsers.

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