Is your Homepage Efficient and Doing Its Job Well?
07/09 2015

Is your Homepage Efficient and Doing Its Job Well?

Do you really think your homepage does its job efficiently for you? Well, it serves as a the window of your shop. You must emphasise on a nice, well organized, eye catching design and offer some relevant premium grade information. This is the best and only way to attract many thousands of window shoppers into present and regular visitors. They may even turn into your customers. The technique is highly useful in minimizing bounce rate of blog or website.

For an efficient and impactful homepage, you need to integrate it with the following characteristics:

Brief, Precise, and Effective Presentation of Organization or Author

Most bloggers and webmasters who regularly read these articles are not legends and masters of the industry such as Paulo Coello. Also none of the small business owners have influential products such as Reebok, Coca Cola, or Merc to flaunt. A homepage should be capable of describe the aim of website or blog. It should also provide visitors with relevant info to the reader on the type of content that could be found on a specific website. You can do this efficiently via introducing one sentence tagline placed right at the bottom of the home page. The tagline must effectively summarize the content of blog content or a company’s business page in just one or two sentences.

User Friendly Navigation

A website administrator must consider this as his topmost priority. Homepage of any website serves as the starting page that leads visitors to the part of website or blog that interests them the most. Easier, smooth, and enjoyable navigation impress visitors and make them visit again and again. Hence it should serve as the primary characteristic of any strategically designed homepage. In a nutshell, it must comprise of a well organized and well designed menu. If you have a blog, simply integrate it with the following to facilitate as viewer to locate blog post they wish to see:

  • Category listings
  • Monthly archives
  • Tag clouds

Responsiveness of a Website

Did you take care of this? If not then it is high time you do it. Starting from 21st April 2015, a Google Search algorithm for mobile devices will have an update. This is nicknamed as “Mobilegeddon”. So from this date, all mobile websites combined with those with a responsive design will receive high ranking for mobile searches. The reason is that around 30 per cent of overall searches result from mobile devices. Hence, the update will have a significant effect on search rankings. No wonder configuring responsive homepage works is extremely important.

Social Media Profiles and Pages Links

Good homepage should contain links to social media pages and profiles because good social media strategy is one of the best ways to attract new visitors. These links should be placed in the form of graphic images, using social media network logos. These logos are recognizable to most of the visitors and they automatically draw attention. They are important because turning organic visitor into a social media follower will make him/her come back to your website, whenever something interesting pops out on his/her timeline.

A Well-Designed Homepage

Remember that web design is still an important element. Webmasters can choose from many hundreds of free WordPress themes. Innovations in the field have become highly competitive. It is recommended to hire a professional web designer. In case, you are looking forward to use free or paid WordPress themes without the help of a professional, simply go for pre-adapted for your present website niche. Remember that a well-designed homepage is always easier to navigate. It also comes equipped with enjoyable reading patterns. The colours may also complement logo of company as well as the banners.

Less of Ads and Commercial Offers

Homepage is usually the most visited pages on any website. This is also the reason webmasters tend to place a huge number of ads on it. Now this may make companies happy but visitors may feel offended and intimidated to see the very first page loaded with ads! It is a big turn off! Commercialized content are not a favourite of visitors. And most popping ads are unsightly. The option available for WordPress plugins for displaying an ad placed by Google AdSense on homepage timeline should be turned off. This keep the main page of site from inviting any new clicks. Remember that pop-up ads are extremely annoying and a bad idea. It will make the first impression of your website page as that of a purely commercial one. This has a devastating effect on visitors and potential clients. Page Layout Algorithm of Google may penalize your site for this.

Easy Loading

Most of the time, webmasters decide to design their homepage in a complex format (flash). Well, this is not a smart decision. Homepage must load really easy. This means even those without the facility of high speed internet should be able to see it. The process of assessing website loading speed is quite easy through online tests. You simply need to do the following:

  • Cache web pages
  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Place script references at the bottom
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize content

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