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07/29 2017

Best Tips and Tricks for Increasing Speed for your WordPress Website

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a website to load. Research has revealed that over 40 per cent of the people who surf the web have a tendency to leave a website if it takes over 3 seconds to load. You need to learn what cms is, with that, you can see what the fast loading websites have in their frame work and use it on yours.

If it takes more than 3 seconds, it is a danger to your business online! Google uses the website loading speed as one of the SERP ranking signals. In case, you know your way around website optimization and SEO, you may be well aware of this. However, if you are still trying to learn, just focus on making your website load faster.

Here are some tips to improve your website speed:

Keep Check on Website Performance

Checking the current speed of the website and how fast it loads is important prior to doing any kind of optimization. ManageWP Performance Check tool will be the best choice in this respect. The tool runs a deep scan to determine various crucial factors related to website speed, loading time, total page size, and much more. This tool is used by many of the reputed WordPress support and maintenance services. It will also give your website a score based on the speed of website performance. Thereafter, it will display the parts of your website that need improvement to achieve an even faster loading speed.

Faster Web Host

Switching to a faster web host is also a great idea. The solution will help you improve website speed significantly. Remember that more RAM, SSDs, and multi-core processors are important for a server to perform immensely well. Here are the web hosting Australian reviews in 2017 to help you find the best web host. Hence, get in touch with the web hosting provider and learn about its servers. Also know the resources you get for your hosting plan. Go for providers offering special website caching services and other facilities that improve the speed of the website.

Image Compression

Images improve the readability. It is also important for enhancing user engagement rate for any article. No wonder website developers fill their websites and each blog post on WordPress blogs with lots of images.

Unfortunately, these pictures can also slow your website down. Optimizing the images and compressing them into a smaller size without destroying its quality will be the best solution in this regards. The WordPress plugin, Imagify will do this job perfectly. This plugin automatically optimizes each image you upload to your website. It also lowers their size to less than half their original size sans affecting the quality of the image. It is an easy to install plugin.

A Dynamic Caching Plugin

Website caching improves website performance significantly. It creates static pages of each post on a specific website so that your website visitors don’t require loading each page all over again when they visit your website for the second time or anytime after.

Some of the best free caching plugins available for WordPress websites include WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. However, these plugins are not meant for beginners. Only an expert can properly install these plugins on a blog. For beginners, there’s a lesser known premium plugin known as WP Rocket. This could be installed by anyone in just a single one-click. It costs $39 and comes loaded with a large number of features such as cache preloading, images on request option, file compressions, and many more.

Employ AMP

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new open-source project. It has already revolutionized the way most of us browse websites on mobile devices. The technology helps web pages load instantly without any page loading delays. AMP also allows visitors to browse your website as if it’s a native app on their smartphones. This technology is now preferred by Google and as a result, the websites using this technology.

Implementing this technology is not easy for novices. However, WordPress users can get the best of it via using a plugin for the same. Automattic (the developer of WordPress) developed the official AMP plugin. It allows for adding support for the AMP project on a website. This will generate AMP-compatible versions of all of your blog posts and website pages.

In a Nutshell

Following the above listed tips is the first and best step toward optimizing speed of the website. Also make sure you monitor your website and keep tabs on loading speeds regularly. Also keep looking for better, more ways to improve your website.

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